British Wreck Commissioner's Inquiry

Day 9

Testimony of John Durrant, recalled

Examined by Mr. CLEMENT EDWARDS.

9591. You said last night that at 5 minutes past 11 you got a general Inquiry from the "Californian" and in reply you said the "Titanic" had struck an iceberg and had sunk. Had you been told by anyone that she had sunk, or was it your own conclusion?
- Well, it was 11 minutes past 5, not 5 minutes past 11.

The Commissioner:
It was in the morning.

Mr. Clement Edwards:
Quite so, My Lord.

The Witness:
I came to my own conclusions. More than that I had no official notice from the "Titanic" or any one else that she had sunk.

9592. Now from that time forward, I suppose you were close to your instrument for many hours and you could overhear any messages that were sent. Did you hear any message to the effect that the "Titanic" was steaming to Halifax?
- No, there was no such message.

9593. Did you hear any message to the effect that all the passengers had been rescued?
- No, not until the "Carpathia" had advised that they had rescued 20 boat loads; they gave no number of the passengers rescued.

The Commissioner:
Do you want to ask anything, Mr. Lewis.

Mr. Lewis:
Yes, My Lord.

Examined by Mr. LEWIS.

9594. After the "Titanic" had sunk, did you hear any message from the "Carpathia" to the "Birma"?
- No.

9595. (The Commissioner.) Have you told us all you heard?
- Yes.

The Commissioner:
He has told us all.

Mr. Lewis:
Very well, My Lord.

Mr. Spratt:
Will your Lordship allow me to put one question to this Witness in the unavoidable absence of my friend, Mr. Roche?

The Commissioner:
What is the question?

Mr. Spratt:
The question I wish to put is this: Dealing with the statement of this Witness that he picked up at 1.27 a message" Engine room flooded" and the words were spelt out, the question I want to put to this Witness is whether there is a code word for engine room in the ordinary course of events and whether there is any significance in the words "engine room" being spelt out, as opposed to the code word which might mean the boiler room, the engine space.

9596. (The Commissioner - To the witness.) Is there any code word for "Engine room"?
- No, My Lord.

The Commissioner:
That answers that question.

(The Witness withdrew.)