British Wreck Commissioner's Inquiry

Day 8

Testimony of Charles V. Groves, recalled

Examined by Mr. ROWLATT.

8919. I want to ask you one or two questions about the waste logbook to clear up something. I understood you to tell us that the waste logbook, as a book, was destroyed. Is that so?
- Not as a book, no, Sir.

8920. How is it destroyed?
- Page by page.

8921. Every day?
- Not necessarily every day. I do not think it is done at any stated intervals, but I do not have anything to do with the destroying of it.

8922. Perhaps you can tell us this. On April 15th, when you came on duty, had the page before been destroyed?
- That I could not say, but I hardly think it would be.

8923. You could not tell as to any particular days when they were destroyed?
- No.

(The Witness withdrew.)